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English-speaking Tuk Tuk Driver Around Siem Reap Angkor Wat Cambodia. A Great Bargain Siem Reap Tuk Tuk Driver

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Save Your Time And Money Booking Tuk Tuk, Taxi Transfer, Siem Reap - Angkor Wat Temples for Touring Before You Go..! Save off Hassle

Are Planning Visit Siem Reap Angkor Wat Cambodia on Your Holiday? To see the mordern ancient monument and city of Khmer Empire Temples  and Looking English-speakind driver in Siem Reap Town For Indivitual Tour, Then Contact Sok Phat, The Driver - Your Chioce For your personal Tour and Private Driver

My name is Sok Phat. Please call me ' Phat "  for sort and easier. I am a local  driver, native and providing services in Siem Reap angkor since 2002. I am a fully licenced fluent english speaking driver, safe comfortable driving, informative driver so you can hire me with confidence. just book me  indvance what is kind of services you would like. I can arrange Boat, Bus Ticket   Siem Reap <=>Phnom Penh, Siem Reap <=> Battambang relaialbe price! even from Battambang and Phnom Penh We do it for you, bring to your door! i traveled throught Cambodia experienced  for 10 years met good english-speaking driver/ guides become partner! we can help free information of charge if you need! just email us!


i will give you affardable price please feel free  contact me by sending me your Email itineraries you might be have. i am here discust with you.!

Our Luxury Transportations

Tuktuk - the budget-luxury mode of transportation. You can sit back on cushy cushions, be protected from the sun, wind and rain, and still be in close contact with the surroundings. All Tuk tuks in Siem Reap are motorcycles pulling a carriage that could fit up to 4 people comfortably. It is  the de facto form of tlocal ransportation here. When you see an almost endless line of tuktuks on streets or  at the foot of Phnom Bakheng temple, you would think the same, and you'd wonder about the state of Siem Reap tourism industry.

Cost: $1 for short trips around town. $12 - $20 - 25 /day for the Angkor area and far away sites

Car/taxi - the luxury transportation. Almost all are equipped with air conditioning, which is a lifesaver if you're visiting Angkor Wat during the dry season. Going around by taxi is somewhat a sterile experience, because you breathe none of that natural Cambodian air. But, taxi / Car is great for visiting faraway temples.

Some Angkor temples like Beng Mealea or Phnom Kulen are located further away from the Angkor Archeological Park complex, 50 - 100 km away. When you're in a tuktuk for that long, you'll start to like it less and less. The wind will be to strong, the sun too bright, the dust to dusty, the roads too bumpy. All those things that you previously thought were wonderful about tuktuks, now become horrible. Save yourself the annoyance and use a taxi for faraway temples. You'd be glad you did.Cost: $5 for short trips transfer airport / town. $25 - $30/for the Angkor area. $30 - $65 and up for more remote temples.

Van - well this is only of use if you have a large group of more than 4 people. A van is similar to a taxi in terms of facilities (air conditioning, good interior, etc), only that it's a bit pricier. But then again, if you have decided to rent a van, most likely it will come out cheaper per head.

Why travel by Tuk Tuk ? for your visit to Angkor area?. It is very popular for the budget tourists. It is Cambodian Tuk Tuk is a very local transport, popular for tourists to Angkor, and also for the one who wants to experience the outdoor ride style or outdoor transport of Cambodia style. Travelling with the Cambodian Tuk Tuk can curries three passengers, clean, comfortable seats with roof, rain coat which can protect you from rain and hot sun. You can easily to take pictures and look out fantastic views and fresh air of nature with the safe driving, careful.   It is a Cambodia Tuk Tuk ( MotobikeTrailer ) is a newly designed of perfect idea for tourists to explore The Angkor temples, then will also drive you close to the nature of this land.

Cambodia Tuk Tuk brings fresh air after you did hot temples under sunshine.

I also offer Siem Reap pocket guide books and brief explanation about Angkor Wat and Cambodia history.

Other more, I am a fully licensed local taxi driver. you can hire me with confidence.    You will be receiving a safe and smile, good, memorable and experience tour if you choose me as your local taxi driver and guide.

I am dedicated to give my clients the best services to enjoy by our local communities also being safe, comfortable, beautiful smile and good memmories bring safe home.

send me Email about your arrival details if you don't want or to be harassed by the crowed.

Have read clearly and interest please booking now!!

Email: cambodiataxidriver@gmail.com

Tell: +855 17 93 06 94 / +855 97 47 03 969

 Website: www.angkortuktukdriver.com





Book Now Get Great Bargain..! Angkor Tuk Tuk Driver.. Is designated to meet travelers whom would like to take the real local Cambodian tranport, tours, adventure Tours, culture, nature, custom, traditional ways, leading by a top Cambodian driver. Sok Phat-  provides tours. We specialize in customizing tours for individuals, families and groups  We offer popular Tours as well as customized Cambodia tours for your specific request. Tonle Sap Lake River cruise and city tours , country side,  Siem Reap local market, Angkor Wat temples, free information. Plan today to explore Cambodian ( Khmer) civilization in this beautiful and mysterious land.


Angkor Pass, All tourists have to buy ticket before get in temples. 1 day $ 20, 2/ 3 day $ 40, 1 week $ 60 USD the price all in USD dollar. you buy ticket at 4:30 PM today free to see sunset.


Camille Shah 05 August 2010 Hi Phat, How are you?I have tried to put a testimonial on your website - but it isn't letting me!! Also you have 2 testimonials which just have strange letters!! Anyway below is our testimonial, if you want to post this up on your website. My full name is Camille Allan-Shah and my email address is camilleytshah@gmail.com, if you need these. Hope it works! Love Camille. "Phat is a wonderful person and an exemplary tuk tuk driver. He has great spoken English and has a very friendly and honest disposition, which makes your time with him an absolute pleasure. He cares deeply about his country and his people, and will help you to see a side of Cambodia that few are priviledged enough to experience. My husband and I are very grateful to Phat for helping to make our Cambodian experience such an amazing and meaningful one. I cannot recommend Phat highly enough!" camilleytshah@gmail.com
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Send me any inquiries you might have. I will be only to happy to reply and give you any information on Cambodia you require.
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