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our Kratie Tuk Tuk Driver- local Guide will pick from any hotel and guide for tour and sightseeing, view of Mekong delta of indanger fish dolphin, or trekking elephants tours, Mondulkiri (Senmonoroum) see minortiries in Rattanakiri we can excort you over cambodia sites!

looking for more authentic Cambodia tradition, culture and nature, it’s worth your while to venture further beside from so much attention on Siem Reap’s famous temples, many tourists unfortunately do not see or experience the quieter – but charming – aspects of the country.

We are the resource for adventurous travellers who want to see the Mekong and Northeastern Cambodia for a reasonable price and have an authentic experience. Our reasonably priced tours can be designed to suit your need and your budget. We take you off the beaten track to uncluttered areas along the beautiful Mekong River, to surrounding mountains, forest and waterfalls. We also offer home  stays with rural 

Cambodian families.

Kratie (pronounced Krah-chay) is a charming town on the mighty Mekong River  and the southern gateway to the Mekong Discovery Trail, a new route guide community-based ecotourism for the true test of real Cambodia.  Kratie provides a habitat for the unique Irrawaddy dolphin, one of the rarest creatures in the (region) world, found in pool 15km north of Kratie Town. Cambodia is proud to conserve them. This section of the Mekong River that runs through this province brings fertile soil and diversified marine life. Fishes harvested in this part of the river are said to be of high quality and are ideally good for export. Some of the buildings and street scapes are reminders of French colonial days when the town was a river port.

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Angkor Pass, All tourists have to buy ticket before get in temples. 1 day $ 20, 2/ 3 day $ 40, 1 week $ 60 USD the price all in USD dollar. you buy ticket at 4:30 PM today free to see sunset.


Camille Shah 05 August 2010 Hi Phat, How are you?I have tried to put a testimonial on your website - but it isn't letting me!! Also you have 2 testimonials which just have strange letters!! Anyway below is our testimonial, if you want to post this up on your website. My full name is Camille Allan-Shah and my email address is camilleytshah@gmail.com, if you need these. Hope it works! Love Camille. "Phat is a wonderful person and an exemplary tuk tuk driver. He has great spoken English and has a very friendly and honest disposition, which makes your time with him an absolute pleasure. He cares deeply about his country and his people, and will help you to see a side of Cambodia that few are priviledged enough to experience. My husband and I are very grateful to Phat for helping to make our Cambodian experience such an amazing and meaningful one. I cannot recommend Phat highly enough!" camilleytshah@gmail.com
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